Atraumatic caries removal

No pain, no fear

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Mantains healthy tissue

Papacárie® only reacts in contact with infected dentin, leaving healthy dentin intact.


Natural product

Papacárie® is a patented formula using the papain enzyme. It has no side effects.


Avoids anesthesia, limits milling

The removal of tooth decay with Papacárie® is faster and much less invasive than conventional methods.

Save time
and save money

In just 30 seconds, without pain, you can remove cavities using only a standard curette. In most cases, there is no need for anesthesia or drill.


A single drop of Papacárie placed on the decay, softens it in less than a minute. Papacárie makes it easy to remove decayed tooth tissue. Papacárie acts only on the infected dentin, leaving the tooth healthy and intact.find out more


An innovative product

Papacárie® is a revolutionary dental product used in dentistry since 2003. Its main advantage is the elimination of cavities without pain. Papacárie® offers a completely non-traumatic treatment, for the well-being of patients.


Enzyme activity

The enzymatic activity of the bio-encapsulated papain (6,000 U / mg *) in Papácarie® only requires between 30 seconds and 1 minute to dissolve any tooth tissue infected with decay. The dental excavator is used to apply and remove Papacárie® gel from infected dentin. In most cases, milling can be avoided. Note that Papacárie® does not affect dentin with a capacity for remineralization.


Reacts only with infected dentin

Papacárie® only reacts in contact with infected dentin. No other process or material saves as much healthy tooth tissue as Papácarie®. This guarantees you the best and gentlest treatment and a low amount of restorative material.


Avoids anesthesia and limits the use of the burr

By limiting the need for aggressive treatment involving anesthesia and milling, Papacárie® not only takes the fear away from many patients, it also improves the entire dental treatment process. The removal of tooth decay with Papacárie® is much faster and safer than current methods. Multiple teeth in a patient can be treated simultaneously, reducing visit time and patient anxiety.

and non-toxic

Papacárie® is a patented formula (since 2003) using the enzyme papain, which has been clinically tested on a wide range of different patients. It is non-toxic and has no side effects. It is safe in contact with the skin, eyes and other parts of the body. Papacárie® can be used in patients of all ages, even those with systemic illnesses, disability or in pregnant women. Papacarie® is beneficial to the health of patients.find out more

No more pain and fear

The use of Papacárie® complies with the ART (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment) technique, with the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the FDI (International Dental Federation). The absence of pain and fear during dental treatment promotes better patient acceptance.

Dedicated to the best dental care

We strive to bring the best in dental care through scientific innovation. For more information on Papacarie®, ask your dentist or representative.

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